Alkite is a material conceived with the aim of interrupting the violent withdrawal from the mountains, delinearising the production chain and freeing the material from the vicious circle of extraction-transformation-waste.
The marbles used do not derive from voracious quarry operations, but originate from the cut to size of semi-finished products, giving new life and increasing the value of what is considered a byproduct.
By associating the aesthetic and physical qualities of concrete with those of marble, a compound is created that contrasts the smooth surface of the noble stone with the rough surface of the mortar, generating a dialogue that overturns the usual social role of the two materials.
Here, as for the alchemists, it was possible to change metal into gold, developing an elixir of eternal life; marble acquires a pop meaning from the formal brutality of the cement paste, which vice versa is ennobled in the brilliance of the stone.