Marble designs

Three-dimensional weaves, play of colors, reinvented chessboards and chromatic volumes where different stones chase each other, intertwine, in a harmony of colors and shapes. Here are the Disegni di Marmo of UpGroup. Not simple coverings, frames, floors, decorations, inlays with surprising geometries… But creations conceived by the greatest architects: “materials, designs and colors that intertwine like threads of a tapestry” Adolfo Natalini defined them well. UpGroup, thanks to advanced technologies such as laser, water cutting and more, is able to obtain surprisingly thin surfaces and extremely complex inlays from marble where the veins never stop casually, but follow the designs of nature to maintain an effect. harmonic and natural. The choice is yours: draw from the boundless catalog of coverings signed by the greatest architects – a true historical and artistic heritage of UpGroup – or give vent to your creativity, the craftsmen of the UpGroup will take care of creating them.