Argentinian born architect & designer Marcelo Joulia studied in France before setting up his own agency “Marcelo Joulia Naco” at the heart of Paris in 1991 with a global vision.Global by its unique approach integrating Architecture, interior design, product & graphic design, video, scenography; global by its own way of embracing international cultures; global by its capacity to tackle any challenge with a refreshing view from individual homes, huge leisure complex, hotels, trendy restaurants, tradeshows, boat, plane or furniture design, offices, shops…

In Guarani language, Naço means “intuition”, one of several words which characterise Joulia’s need for freedom. This passionate for images became one of the world expert for cinema design. This passionate of good cuisine created the famous Unico restaurant in Paris and is preparing the opening of exclusive Unik restaurant in Buenos Aires. Uno, his own hotel, will open in Buenos Aires in 2011.

Today, 20 years after, Marcelo Joulia Naço has a network of offices in Paris, Shanghai and Buenos Aires and operates in more than 20 countries. There is definitely something unique, something fresh and terribly human about Marcelo Joulia Naco.

– Founder Marcelo Joulia Naco | Architect DPLG
– Knight of order of the arts and Letters
– Professor DeTao master of architecture and interior design
– Architect interior OPQAI
– Urbanist DAI, Master urbanism