There is a place in front of the workshops where we keep the excesses of our productions. It is our most eccentric products, the chipped slabs, the residues of the most daring cuts or the damaged solids that open to reveal the coarser nature of the marble. From this suggestion, for the first time in 2016, we have put in place a process that lays the foundations on the founding concept of the circular economy, namely that there may be no waste. Strengthened by our instinct for cooperation, we have exploited the waste of brass mechanical processing combined with a bio resin to be able to accentuate and enhance the natural cracks of our new and precious objects.

This method, taken from the ancient Japanese “Kintsugi” technique aimed at embellishing the scars of fragmented objects by decorating them with gold powders, can be applied to any type of surface and marble. To obtain a more impactful result, in terms of ethics and aesthetics, we prefer to use Bianco di Carrara from which we can obtain a brighter color and a decrease in mining activity in our area. MCF items are produced through slow and patient craftsmanship, such as sartorial or surgical sewing, they are the result of a collaboration between artisan companies and are driven by an impulse of resilience, which is why they represent the whole essence of our perspective.

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