The Console Trilite 2.0 is the point of contact between the world of marble and the most innovative technologies of communication between objects (IOT). For the first time an ancient and prestigious material such as Statuario marble, is able to perceive the touch as a true capacitive screen and integrate into a connected environment, like the most modern of the ” smart houses ”. The induction power supply, integrated in TriLite, allows the passage of energy without the need of unsightly cables, allowing you to perform many daily actions using the most natural gestures, such as recharging a smartphone by simply placing it on the console.


In addition to an object with a rigorous and clean design, TRiLITE is also the heart of an advanced home automation system based on the Internet of Things. The console is connected wirelessly to a dedicated cloud and all the latest intelligent objects can be controlled or monitored using this tool. TriLite also integrates an RFID proximity chip (radiofrequency identification) thanks to which, by simply approaching a smartphone to the console, it allows to monitor and control all objects and devices connected to the cloud, from anywhere in the world.