Marble designs

Three-dimensional weaves, unusual chequered patterns and plays on colour, in which different stones intermingle harmoniously to form a cohesive whole. These are the marble designs offered by UpGroup. Not just mouldings, floorings, decorations and striking inlays… but the creations of great architects: “materials, designs and colours woven together like the threads of a tapestry”, as Aldolfo Natalini puts it so well. UpGroup uses advanced laser technology, water cutting systems and much more to produce remarkably thin marble surfaces and extremely complicated inlays in which the effect of the veining is never random, but follows the designs of nature to produce a harmonious and natural whole. Customers have only the embarrassment of the choice, either to explore the huge catalogue of claddings designed by great architects (UpGroup’s most prized assets) or to create one themselves. Give vent to your design flair, produce your own personal marble alchemy… go on, set your dreams down on paper, colour them, give them a shape. The craftsmen at UpGroup will take care of the rest.